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15 April 2010 @ 12:59 am
Lost 6x12 Everybody Loves Hugo  
Sooooooooooooooooo....there was an episode of Lost on last night? Did you watch? Hmmm? Did you? No? Oh well nothing too drastic happened, same as usual. Jack looked at Kate. Kate looked at Sawyer. Sawyer looked at Kate. Hugo looked at dead ppl. Desmond looked at....WAIT WHAT! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY DESMOND??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????? OH YEAH! THIS....

DESMOND GOT PUSHED DOWN A WELL! DESMOND? WHY DESMOND? KATE WASN'T TOO FAR AWAY!  WHY DIDN'T HE GO GET KATE? Yeah, I pretty much screamed for 10 minutes. Therefore that's why I must cry and whine and self-reflect on this weeks Lost.

Desmond is not dead. Why? Because Desmond can't be dead or this whole season has just been ruined. The internet is alive with the sounds of screaming fangirls! Never have I been so angry since Ianto died! But this is Lost and there is always hope!

I'm going to do some therapeutic screen capping.  Join in if you'd like.

Where to begin? Well it all began about 4 seasons ago and it would be next week if I tried to screen cap all that.

So....Last week on Lost: Best episode of the season. Desmond looked supa dupa sexy the entire time and was also a straight-up bad ass too.

But first...

Desmond is VERY rudely drugged and kidnapped by none other than his asshole father-in-law, Charles Widmore and brought back to the island he left like two seasons ago to live happily ever after with the love of his life and their adorable son Charlie.

This is the man trying out for Worst Father-in-Law Of The Year.

Competition is tough this year, so he decides to blow Desmond up.

Desmond then gets transported to the parallel universe we've been seeing all season long where Oceanic 815 never crashed and Desmond looks even hotter.

He comes back from the parallel universe only to discover it has only been seconds on the island. Desmond has learned a lot from his self-aware trip though Sideways World.

"You told me you brought me here to the island to do something very important. When do we start?"

Desmond is fine (he's survived an electromagnetic explosion before cause he's xtra special) He is suddenly very zen about about everything. All "Whatever will be, will be brotha." I find this new attitude of his very hot, yet at the same time very disconcerting.
Like when Crazy!Sayid comes to kidnap him from his other kidnappers. His expression is more "Well, when life gives you lemons..."

"These people are extremely dangerous. We need to go now."

Says the only man with a gun. Desmond's really kinda okay about it, even though Sayid is crazy and is working under the spell of Flocke. Desmond just says...

"Lead the way."

Like he's amused by the whole thing. He's creepily passive.

Meanwhile Flocke, back at Camp Root-Of-All-Evil...

Flocke is fashioning himself a walking stick, or a staff or he's just REALLY bored of Kate and Sawyer. It's okay, I am too. Which is lucky because Sayid comes along and he has an xtra special present for Flocke.

Sayid: "May I speak to you in private?"

Flocke: "Absolutely."

Flocke nearly runs after Sayid. He's a little bit too excited. Either he can sense the presence of hot Scottish man meat or he just wants to get away.

Sawyer looks suspicious. As he should! Scottish ass is on the line!


Flocke: "Did Widmore see you?"
Sayid: "No but his people did."
"And you let them live?"
"I didn’t see the point in killing when I had found what I came for."
"So you found what they were hiding in the submarine?"

“I most certainly did.”

Why hullo thurrrr Desmond! Obviously Sayid shares my kinks. Once again, Desmond doesn't seem to mind, which takes my brain away from the scene for a moment.

Flocke is intrigued...or turned on. I'll stop projecting.

Now you wouldn't know it, but this episode focuses on Hurley. His flash Sideways is pretty boring, but it does help strengthen the apparent theme of love and soul mates that exists throughout the flash sideways with the addition of Libby.

This is alt-Hurley. Looks a lot like our Hurley don't he? This is true. Only he got off Oceanic Flight 815 safely in Los Angeles and is the successful and very charitable owner of Mr. Cluck's Chicken. Hurley's been having some girl problems. He got stood up on a date and a women he met  had seemed to really like him but she ended up being crazy. He's taking some comfort in his bucket of chicken when...guess who walks in?

Why yes, it our favorite romantic Scotsman! Just as romantic in one universe as he is in the next! Only in this one he wears SUITS! And looks amazing even though he eats out a KFC knock-off.

Alt-Desmond recognizes Hurley from the airport and they get talking. Hurley explains how the object of his affections is crazy.
"I mean, she started sane, but then she told me that we already knew each other and that I would remember."

This interests Desmond most of all because Desmond is awesomely all-knowing.
"Tell me something, did you believe her when she said she knew you?"
"Yeah... kinda"
"Now, I say go with your gut. I think you should try and find out where she thinks she knew you from...before you give up on her."

Oh Desmond. Your little romantic heart makes mine go pitter-patter. All you need is love.

As Hurley contemplates this, Desmond's order is called. Deep fried chicken Desmond? Really? I'm curious to know if he was there on purpose, drawn to the place (Hurley or the smell of peoples arteries clogging) or just one of those Lost coincidences.

Anyways. Desmond's concludes that this was a mission accomplished and leaves Hurley to his thoughts.

"It was nice bumping into ya."


Back to the Island where Desmond is still totally cool with being strapped to a tree all day! And warning because the next picture may cause you to either question your sexuality and/or marriage. The rest will just gawk appreciatively.

I have a love/hate relationship with this zen Desmond. He's just so calm AND ITS SO HOT! I don't think Henry Ian Cusick meant for it come off sexual in any way, but I found his calm ways of just looking at people really interesting. Desmond just isn't afraid. He stares intently at people because he's not afraid to meet their eyes when his gaze falls upon on theirs. It's not confidence, its just acceptance. I just wish i knew more about what was going on in his head. On the other hand, i miss passionate!Desmond.

I love how Flocke and Desmond's conversation starts. Just two calm and amusing hellos.

Locke then apologizes for Sayid tying him up. He didn't want Desmond to escape before they could talk.
"I have nowhere to run to, brotha."

Locke concedes.
"Well if that isn't the best damn argument against captivity that I've ever heard, then I don't know what is."

Once Desmond is free, Flocke asks Desmond to answer a few questions.
"Why did Charles Widmore bring you back to the island?"

"Well considering I was kidnapped, you'd have to ask him."

Hehe. Well played Desmond, well played.

I loved this interaction. It was full of so much threat, yet because of Desmond's calm demeanor it always seemed like Desmond was the one with the upper hand. Flocke just didn't know what to think of him.

And then there was this exchange.
"Do you know who I am?"
"Of course. You're John Locke."

I wish I knew what that meant! The look Flocke gave Desmond before ordering Sayid away. It made my stomach drop.
"Desmond and I need to take a walk."

By this point I was screaming "No Desmond no!"
"There is something I want to show you."

Meep! I feel the therapeutic part of this picspam is not working! Run away Desmond! Ruuuuuuuuun! He's too awesome to get hurt! RUUUUN!

Of course, no one ever listens to me, so this is Desmond following Flocke to an ancient well. Spoiler: This does not end well.


Flocke then delivers this big speech about this mystic well that was built so that the natives could discover what made their compasses spin erratically near the area.

The reason Flocke claims, that he brought Desmond here was to show him that:
"Charles Widmore is not interested in answers, he's only interested in power. And he brought you back here to this island so you could help him find what he's looking for."
"And that's the reason you wanted me to see this?"

Flocke: "Why aren't you afraid?"
Desmond: "Excuse me?

"You're out here, middle of the jungle...with me. Not a person on earth even knows you are here. Why aren't you afraid?"

"What is the point in being afraid?"

Oh Desmond I love you so, but Flocke is just not digging your new zen ways.

And here we come to where we began

Am i worried? Very much so. I hope the writers don't think that because they have to flash sideways that we can receive closure on that end. A happy alt-Penny/Desmond will never make up for them being apart in our universe. I'm think I'm going to die before the next episode!

OH YEAH! And then alt Desmond did this.

Yeah. I'm confused. 5 more episodes left! DEEEEEEEEEEEEEESMOOOOOOOOOOND!
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janellla: 910 hugjanellla on April 16th, 2010 02:37 pm (UTC)
Know what you mean?! Girl, you have just tapped into the Worst/Best-Kept Secret in Married-Fangirldom. These hot men are our tools!
irisjane1212: iris1irisjane1212 on April 16th, 2010 03:20 pm (UTC)
We should get our husbands to write a note of thanks, but then we'd have to explain why.