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16 October 2009 @ 12:57 am
Of Snoopy Dances and Roomate Rights  
I've decided I need to start writing in my livejournal cause sometimes funny shit happens and SOMEONE isn't near their phone. But basically.....Jana! Do I need administer a no-making-out-in-dorm rule! lol okay she just came into the study room 2 seconds ago to report that I did in fact walk in on a make out session. Thank you for that. Oh university! Apparently Vita walked into someone giving some else a blowjob in the TV room. I used to watch TV on those couches. The key words right now is 'used to' for obvious reason. Also because someone broke the floor TV. Its a shitty TV anyways. First it fell off its hanger thingy and the picture was horribly fuzzy and now its broken and being forced to witness one ugly person servicing another. Someone told me the first day in rez that the TV room smelt like jizz. I never considered myself a prude before but I think people will understand my disgust. *le sigh* And Vita is freaking out about something! Her cries can go through walls! Oh yeah! Back to Jana! She tells me the dude was a very good kisser and I gave her an enthusiastic thumbs up! That is our relationship.

Rewind. Yeah I was in the study room...studying and Chantelle burst into the room and was "Holly is that guy still in you and Jana's room?" The fact that there was a guy in our room named Kelly laying on the bed with Jana "conversing" was a previously established fact between
us hence why I am in the study room studying. Anyways I was "It is possible. My anti-social tendencies have imprisoned me here for the last 3 hours so I can't actually answer your question with absolute certainty." No I actually said "Probably I dunno, lets go check." Chantelle inicialy didn't want to go in there in case she was interrupting Jana and her man-friend, but since I have special Roomate Interruption Rights I was like "whatev yo!" and barged in. Hehe It was awkward. We left and went back to Chantelle and Vita's room to giggle like idiots. And then people passed by their open door and said "hey ladies" and they proceeded to hilariously freak out. "Holly you need to get out of here right now so we can shut the door!" because they are afraid of people outside their dorm room. They call it their lair. And I'm the weird one.

Yes university is exactly as university was suppose to be of course. Its thursday and thursday is actually party night because most people don't have classes on friday (except me assholes!).  Jana just came in to tell me that I don't have to worry about walking in on her having sex because she'll never go past making out without locking the door first. Why thank you Jana. See that subject is slightly worrying. I could really care less who she's having sex with but certain bodily  fluids tend to leave an odor (in TV rooms for example) and that just wouldn't be cool. Hm. And if I'm locked out of my room. Also not cool. My rule is she can do anything she wants in that room as long as my side of the room, including the air that circulates in it, remains untouched.

Oh and Jon Stewart said "I love you" to Stephen Colbert and it was soooooooooooooooooo cute! I would SO slash them If I could find some quality hurt/comfort angst! Bwah!

Hmm what else can I report?

Monday: wrote the shittiest essay ever in 2 hours! I am truly ashamed, I could have done it in one.
Tues: Handed in shitty essay. Watched awesome episode of SOA and a Spanish movie called "El Mar" that I can only describe as 'fucked up'. Contemplated meaning of life on top of Dunton Tower. No joke.
Yesterday: Had in depth conversation with Jana about bra sizes and big dicks. We bonded. We used well practiced euphemisms such as "well hung" and "junk not in the trunk". Is it sad that this is all I can remember from wednesday?
Today: Freezed my ass off and watched Jana do spoopy dance.

My standard of living has dipped so low.

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dark_aura016dark_aura016 on October 16th, 2009 11:33 pm (UTC)
well because your associated with me i think you'll be fine. But I think they associate Jana with creepy guys that only want some sexin'! They let both my brothers and Andrew into their room. They are also in love with Neil so I think he's pretty much allowed.
blackdrazonblackdrazon on October 17th, 2009 01:28 am (UTC)
XD This is a loopholey system they've got going. I like it.